Wedding Lists

The Wantage Bookshop offer a bespoke Wedding Gift List, with a consult before hand and a hand wrapping service at the end.

Have enough table and kitchenware? How about choosing some books that will give you hours of enjoyment, or books that you feel deserve a permanent place in your home? Who are the authors that you have always wanted to read but never quite found time to do so? Have you a book that means something special to you that you would like in a beautiful new edition to adorn your bookshelf? As Cicero said: “A room without books is like a body without a soul’.

You can create a wedding list with us by registering on this website, and then setting-up your wedding gift list by filling in the form and then choosing books from our on-line shop (just press the heart button by the book information). However, we highly recommend that you come in for a free book consultation where you can take advantage of our book knowledge to suggest titles you might want to consider, and you can tell us which books you would definitely like on your list so we can ensure they are on our website ready for selection.

Once you have created your list you can share it with friends and guests.

We will wrap your books for you, ready for collection on a day that you choose. Give us a call on 01235 763215 to chat about your bespoke wedding list of books.

You can manage any lists that you have set up already by clicking on the link below: